Summer school 2008

Masque Youth Theatre’s Summer School of 2008 was surprisingly my first. Looking back now, I thoroughly enjoyed it; three days well spent. I’m just regretful that I never went to one before this summer. Ursula Wright opened the three day extravaganza with some fun drama games aimed at bringing everyone together and giving the new people a chance to settle in. Joff Chafer took the afternoon session, engaging us with entrances and exits. This session taught us the importance of entering and exiting the space properly, always in character. Useful tools for when we come to rehearse our productions.

The second day was split into two sessions again, with one from the ubiquitous, but appreciated Joff Chafer on universal props and a singing session with Kay Warcaba. With the help of some sticks and sheets we created interesting stories from the tableaus we fashioned with Joff and generated some dulcet tones with Kay, as well as learning some new songs.

Following the first two days, the third was also split into two sessions. The first with Brian Wright; using our voices to create different stories, solo and in groups. A useful session, concentrating on being heard as well as being seen whilst onstage. The unknown, the maverick session was taken by Frank Wurzinger. An unassuming gentleman, he led us through a fun-filled session beginning with drama games that helped to relax the group. The session was based around clowning and being comfortable onstage being the butt of the joke. It culminated in small groups taking part in a procession in front of everyone else, wearing the smallest mask possible in theatre; a red nose. Being silly behind this tiny disguise was easy and enjoyable.

By Ed Toone

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