The play ‘what I wrote’

The decision to write for the group was easy. In fact I cannot really remember it ever being a conscious choice. I had an idea, I wrote it down on cue cards, discussed it with Ursula and Brian Wright and Warpaint was conceived. Like a generous amount of young people, my idea started off big, but after the discussion with the aforementioned wise-heads it was decided that Warpaint would be approximately an hour long and the Youth Theatre would produce a double bill for this year’s production. This helped me to focus and keep Warpaint manageable for me.

The enthusiasm and verve the members of the Youth Theatre bring with them to our weekly sessions challenged me to write something for this group of talented young people. Warpaint was conjured out of my popular culture and a theme from everyday life, that everyone, including myself, is guilty of: hiding our real selves. Regularly, we as humans, mask our identity behind our make-up, our demeanour, our status symbols, our warpaint, so that everyone else does not find out who we really are. Is this because we are frightened or is it too much like hard work being the real you? Warpaint follows the story of two young people, who are trying to discard their warpaint and be themselves.

Jeni Mulchrone and Tom Morath play the parts of Lily and Jack. Both have been members for many years, most recently appearing in Gulliver and Ringtime. Thankfully they, along with the rest of the cast, bring to life the play ‘what I wrote’. With this being my first foray into script writing, I am understandably nervous. Rehearsals are going as well as expected, there’s just never enough time to do everything I want to get done. However, being ably assisted by Tim Page and with Steph Smith contributing her eminent choreography, I believe we will get everything done and produce a show worthy of the talent and reputation of the group.

By Ed Toone

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