MYT Summer School 2016

When? It is a three day event : Tuesday August 9th to Thursday August 11th. Sessions on the Tuesday and Wednesday will run from 10am to 3pm; on the Thursday we shall start at 10am and there will be a short performance at 4pm.

Where? The venue is Christ Church Hall in Abington (postcode : NN1 5LL) This is the same location as last year.

What? The theme of this year’s Summer School is Friendship. The aim of the three days will be to explore this theme in a variety of ways and prepare a short, informal performance for 4pm on Thursday.

On Tuesday, there will be lots of fun warm-up/getting to know each other games followed by some exploration of a couple of texts which use Friendship as a theme.

On Wednesday, we are welcoming a professional theatre practitioner from Trestle Theatre ( who will lead a whole day workshop on using Physical Theatre to tell a story. Students will get to devise their own stories about Friendship using his ideas. Trestle are a highly-respected theatre company well-known for the quality of their educational provision, particularly with masks.

On Thursday, we shall work out how to put all of what we have done together into a performance, rehearse and perform.

How much? The cost for the three days is £50. All monies go towards the running of the youth theatre.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a place or if you simply would like some more information : my email is


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