Devised by Masque Youth Theatre; directed by Ursula Wright; choreograpy by Rosalind Conlon

Everything you have ever wanted to know about shoes but were afraid to ask! The legend of Saints Crispin and Crispianus, and how the got out of the cauldron. The secret (and nasty) shoes stored in the basement of the museum. Who was the historical Shoemaker in the The Shoemaker’s Holiday and who is Cicely Bumtrinket? What were the conditions like in the Victorian master-closers’ garret factories? Who was James Gribble and why did he organise the Raunds March? How do you do an African gum-boot dance? What exactly is the Footsie Index, and are you on it? What are the thoughts and memories of shoe-workers yesterday and today?

Download the programme (0.9 MB, PDF)