To Buy A Fat Pig

Directed by Ursula Wright; music directed by Kay Warcaba

From the first trading encounter between stone-age hunter-gatherers and their stay-at-home farming neighbours to the virtual world of the Internet and eBay, this light-hearted revue looks at marketing through the ages. Using documentary material, songs, poems, sketches and scenes, the cast of forty have devised an entertainment which explores the place of ‘the market’ in our lives. Observe the workings of the Court of Piepowder. Meet Autolycus, a ‘snapper-up of unconsidered trifles’. Admire the proportions of Ursla, the pig-woman at Bartholomew Fair. Carry your ackees to Linstead Market. Buy a bunch of violets from Eliza, or a pair of nylon stockings from a spiv.

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