Written by Jonathon Swift; dramatised by Brian Wright; music by David Stoll; directed by Ursula Wright; music directed by Kay Warcaba

Barber-surgeon Gulliver leaves wife and family at home in England, and sails off to seek his fortune in far-away places. Through a series of nautical misadventures, he meets up with the smallest, largest and oldest human beings in the world. He hovers in the clouds with the cleverest, gets attacked by the worst, and is rescued by a tribe of amazing horses. He sails back to his long-suffering wife a changed man, and decides to educate the English by publishing a book about his adventures.

Gulliver’s Travels is a sci-fi fantasy. It makes fun of politicians, scientists, celebrities and intellectuals, and much more besides. It’s hard to believe it was written nearly two hundred years ago, or that so many of us know about it without knowing what’s in it.

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