The Queen Must Die


performed by Masque Youth Theatre at Northampton High School on Saturday March 19th 2016


“What are you talking about? Carry on with the execution.”

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations a papier mache statue of Her Royal Highness stands in Margaret Chivers’ living-room in preparation for the Jubilee parade. Two factions converge on the house with only one thing on their mind.

David Farr wrote the play in 2003 for the Shell Connections series. These are special commissions for top playwrights to write short plays specifically for young people and under the auspices of the National Theatre. Farr currently is an associate director at the Royal Shakespeare Company and amongst other things wrote the screenplay for the current BBC One Drama The Night Manager.

This MYT cast has been working on the play since before Christmas 2015. Tim and I found them an absolute pleasure to work with. They, and we, have very busy lives, clearly, but their energy and focus in rehearsal was brilliant. Every Thursday evening was fun but purposeful. I thank them all hugely for their efforts. They delivered a very enjoyable and thoughtful performance.

The Girls

Shannon                                           Lili Pap

Lisa                                                    Sophia Nicol

Sandra                                               Katherine Smethers

Ella                                                     Ava Cundale

The Boys

Darren                                               Aran Fountain

Billy                                                    Nancy Hannam

Jack                                                       Keya Arterton

Mad Mill                                            Bryony Tomkins

Mad Maik                                            Eleanor Morrison

The Babysitter

Shaun (in Scene Three)                   Nye Tomkins

Shaun (in Scene Six)                          Harry Feary


Directors                                           James Gillam and Tim Cole

We would also like to thank Northampton High School enormously for providing for us somewhere to rehearse and perform, Masque Theatre for their support, Winchester House School Drama Department for their loan of props and sorting of sound effects and Toby Till for his artwork and design of her majesty.