Too Fast

performed by Masque Youth Theatre at Northampton High School on Saturday March 15th 2017

“I couldn’t help it. I was thrown from the car, man, and when I opened my eyes, I was running. Like a little kid. Running that way you used to. Full pelt. So fast. Too fast. I couldn’t stop. No one could.”

Sensation Nation is a vocal group founded and led by the unstoppable DD. Her grand plan is for the group to storm next year’s Britain’s Got Talent. But first they need a gig, and more importantly a heart-breaking backstory that will win them votes later down the line. So she’s booked them in to sing at a funeral. And not just any funeral either. Sensation Nation is to sing at the funeral of Ali Monroe, an older girl from their school who was killed in a car crash.

Douglas Maxwell wrote the play in 2011 for the Shell Connections series. These are special commissions for top playwrights to write short plays specifically for young people and under the auspices of the National Theatre. Douglas Maxwell is an award-winning Scottish playwright, whose work has been performed throughout Scotland, the UK and abroad.


DD                                          Lili Pap

Amee                                    Ava Cundale

Marcy                                    Nancy Hannam

Nadia                                     Larissa Pap

Young Jean Brown             Lizzie Knowles

Sean                                       Nye Tomkins

Spoke’s brother                 Shawne Holland

Laila                                       Skye Blaise

Frankie                                 Katherine Smethers

Callum                                   Sophia Nicol

Jake Spence                        Katherine Smethers

Ali Monroe                          Sophia Nicol      

Too Fast poster 2017

Directors : James Gillam and Tim Cole              

We would also like to thank Northampton High School enormously for providing for us somewhere to rehearse and perform, Masque Theatre for their support, Winchester House School  and Quinton Church for their loan of props and Caroline Rushton for her photography.

NHS Prod March 17 - 184

NHS Prod March 17 - 36

NHS Prod March 17 - 27