“A space for fun, creation and consideration both for the arts and for those around us…”

“…to develop the creative skills of young people through the craft of theatre…”

“Youth Theatre is vital for developing communication skills, self discipline and personal confidence”

“When I first joined, I was a shy, held back little kid, and now I’m confident, outgoing and enthusiastic young man…”


Masque Youth Theatre is a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT)


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Too Fast

Congratulations to the MYT cast of Too Fast by Douglas Maxwell who performed to an appreciative audience on the evening of Saturday March 25th at Northampton High School. Photos will be available to view soon!

October half-term

As we enjoy a break at half-term, thoughts turn to our next session on November 3rd when we shall begin work that will eventually lead to a performance of a play in March 2017. We can’t wait to get started … NAYT I Love Youth theatre logo

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